Danny Devito Announces New Movie In Works With Arnold Schwarzenegger

Danny Devito Announces New Movie In Works With Arnold Schwarzenegger

Let’s dive into the exciting news that’s been creating a buzz in Hollywood. Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger, the iconic duo known for their contrasting on-screen chemistry in the 1988 hit “Twins,” are reuniting for a brand-new movie project. Before you get too nostalgic, it’s important to note that this isn’t a sequel to “Twins” but an entirely fresh venture that promises to showcase their dynamic rapport in a new light.

DeVito spilled the beans during a chat with Fox News Digital, just days after the pair made a surprise appearance together at the Oscars. The project is more than just talk; a script is already in the pipeline with Warner Bros. lending its heavyweight support, signaling that this reunion is on a fast track to becoming a reality.

Fans of “Twins” might be slightly disappointed to learn that this project won’t be a sequel to their beloved film. However, the prospect of DeVito and Schwarzenegger sharing the screen again after decades is thrilling in its own right. The duo’s off-screen friendship, which has endured beyond their “Twins” collaboration, adds an extra layer of anticipation to their upcoming project.

DeVito humorously remarked that their interactions over the years haven’t involved hitting the gym together, a nod to their contrasting physical statures and personas. With a hopeful eye on next year, DeVito is eager to kickstart production, although scheduling might be a challenge. Both stars have packed agendas, with Schwarzenegger juggling multiple projects and DeVito set to feature prominently in the 17th season of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”

Despite these potential scheduling hurdles, DeVito’s determination shines through, and it seems Schwarzenegger is equally committed to making this reunion happen. As fans and the entertainment world wait with bated breath, this new project promises to add another memorable chapter to the careers of these beloved actors, reigniting their on-screen magic for audiences old and new.

In a world where nostalgia is a powerful force in entertainment, this project stands out as a beacon of creativity, promising not just a trip down memory lane but a fresh, engaging experience for viewers. As we await more details, the anticipation builds for what could be another landmark moment in Hollywood’s storied history of dynamic duos reuniting to captivate audiences once again.