Drea de Matteo Says OnlyFans ‘Saved Her Life’ Because She Paid Off Her Mortgage

Drea de Matteo Says OnlyFans ‘Saved Her Life’ Because She Paid Off Her Mortgage

Drea de Matteo, famously known for her role as Adriana La Cerva in “The Sopranos,” has candidly shared how OnlyFans became her financial savior, allowing her to pay off her mortgage and even kickstart her own business. At 52, de Matteo embarked on a journey many wouldn’t have anticipated for her, diving into the world of OnlyFans last year after facing a significant financial crunch. Her decision came as a result of the acting gigs drying up due to her choice not to get vaccinated against Covid-19, which left her with a mere $10 in her bank account.

The actress has since experienced a remarkable turnaround, thanks to her venture into sharing racy photos on the adult subscription platform. This bold move not only cleared her mortgage but also provided her with the capital to launch ULTRAFREE, her new business venture. It’s a testament to the unexpected ways life can pivot when you’re down to your last dime (or ten).

De Matteo’s transition to OnlyFans was fueled by desperation. She found herself in dire straits, unable to meet the demanding payments required to keep her home and take care of her family, which included two little kids and her mother suffering from dementia. The foreclosure notice on her home and the loss of her own mother added layers of grief and stress to an already overwhelming situation. Yet, the platform offered her a lifeline, enabling her to stave off financial ruin and regain stability in her life.

What began as a necessity soon blossomed into a lucrative endeavor. The actress was astounded by how quickly she could turn her fortunes around, paying back debts and finding financial freedom in a matter of minutes through her OnlyFans content. De Matteo’s initial apprehensions about the platform have since evolved into a sense of empowerment and enjoyment. She appreciates the opportunity to present herself in a way that feels authentic and liberating, emphasizing that the photoshoots allow her to embrace her body image positively.

De Matteo’s story is a compelling narrative of resilience and reinvention, showcasing how she navigated through one of the darkest periods of her life to emerge more robust and financially independent. It highlights the unconventional paths some individuals take to safeguard their futures and support their families, challenging societal norms and expectations along the way. In de Matteo’s words, OnlyFans didn’t just save her financially; it provided a platform for her to reclaim her agency and embark on new ventures, proving that sometimes, the most unexpected choices lead to the most remarkable outcomes.