Drew Barrymore Praised After Showing Her ‘Normal’ Home

Drew Barrymore Praised After Showing Her ‘Normal’ Home

Drew Barrymore has once again captivated her fans, this time not with a film or TV show, but with a glimpse into her personal life that many found refreshingly normal. In a recent TikTok video, Barrymore showcased her New York flat during a spring cleaning session, focusing particularly on her kitchen. Unlike the grandiose expectations often associated with celebrity homes, Barrymore’s kitchen featured a simple gas stove and modest decor, striking a chord with her followers for its unassuming appearance.

In the video, which quickly went viral, Barrymore cheerfully clears out a kitchen drawer, asking her viewers for editing tips. This mundane activity, paired with her casual commentary, portrayed a side of celebrity life that is seldom seen, making fans feel a connection to Barrymore as just another person tidying up their home. This relatability is a quality that has endeared Barrymore to her audience throughout her career.

Comments on the video ranged from admiration of her “humble” stove to love for her genuine and unpolished presentation. The video not only accumulated over a million views but also sparked conversations about the authenticity of celebrities and how they choose to present their personal spaces.

Barrymore, who has made a significant shift from Hollywood to the small screen with her talk show, has increasingly opened up her life to her fans through social media. This strategy has not only kept her relevant but has also created a genuine persona that resonates with a wide audience.


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The simplicity of her kitchen and her approach to home life stand in stark contrast to the luxury often flaunted by celebrities on social media. This stark difference has made her fans appreciate her even more, seeing her as approachable and down-to-earth—a rare trait in the glitz-filled world of celebrity culture.

As Drew Barrymore continues to share snippets of her life, from spring cleaning to juggling work and home, she redefines what it means to be a celebrity in today’s digital age. Her willingness to share the ordinary aspects of her life invites her fans into a more intimate space, creating a deeper connection and understanding between her and those who admire her work and personality.