Ellen DeGeneres Finally Addresses Scandal, ‘I Am Many Things, But Not Mean’

Ellen DeGeneres Finally Addresses Scandal, ‘I Am Many Things, But Not Mean’

Ellen DeGeneres recently addressed the allegations of being a “mean girl” that contributed to the end of her talk show. During a stand-up show in Santa Rosa, California, she defended herself, stating, “I am many things, but I am not mean.” She acknowledged that while she can be demanding, impatient, and tough, she is a strong woman and not inherently mean.

The comedian left her talk show in 2022 after former staffers alleged a toxic workplace environment, a scandal that deeply affected her. Ellen mentioned that this controversy helped her break down some of her walls and impacted her self-esteem. Despite the challenging period, she has begun to recover and even joke about the scandal during her stand-up performances.

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Ellen has been opening up more about the fallout from the accusations. She shared that she avoided media coverage that painted her in a negative light to protect her mental health. Ellen’s experiences during this tumultuous time will be further explored in her upcoming stand-up special, which is set to be released on Netflix in the fall.

This return to stand-up marks a significant step in Ellen’s journey to move past the controversy and reconnect with her audience. As she continues to address the allegations and their impact on her life, fans will gain more insight into her perspective and resilience.