Emily Blunt ‘Felt Sick’ After She Had to Kiss Some of Her Hollywood Co-Stars

Emily Blunt ‘Felt Sick’ After She Had to Kiss Some of Her Hollywood Co-Stars

In a candid revelation on “The Howard Stern Show,” Emily Blunt shared her discomfort with some of her on-screen romantic scenes, confessing that kissing certain Hollywood co-stars made her feel like she wanted to “throw up.” While Blunt did not name anyone specifically, she expressed that not all chemistry on screen is as enjoyable as it appears to viewers.

Blunt, known for her roles in various high-profile films, discussed the complex nature of on-screen chemistry, describing it as an “ethereal thing” that can’t be forced or fabricated, though she humorously noted that with her level of experience, she could generate chemistry with inanimate objects if needed. This ability, she joked, comes from years in the industry, learning to manufacture connection to serve her roles effectively.

Credit: Universal Pictures

The actress also shared her personal approach to handling less-than-ideal co-star interactions. She focuses on finding at least one admirable quality in every colleague, whether it’s a pleasant laugh or polite behavior, which helps her maintain professionalism and perform her roles with conviction. This method has allowed her to navigate various on-set dynamics and deliver compelling performances regardless of personal feelings.

Moreover, Blunt highlighted a positive experience working with Ryan Gosling in their recent film, “The Fall Guy,” contrasting her challenging encounters. She praised not only Gosling but also his family, indicating a genuine respect and affection for them, which likely enhanced their on-screen chemistry.

This honest insight into the complexities of film production offers fans a glimpse behind the scenes of Hollywood, where creating movie magic often involves overcoming personal discomfort and fostering professional relationships under challenging circumstances.