Employee Sends Boss a Fierce Response After he was Told to Cancel his Vacation

Employee Sends Boss a Fierce Response After he was Told to Cancel his Vacation

When Noel, a diligent employee who hadn’t taken a vacation in three years, finally decided to attend his brother’s wedding in Bali, the universe (and his boss, Nick) had other plans. As fate would have it, just when Noel thought he could swap his office chair for a beach chair, his boss pulled the rug out from under him. Nick, embodying the spirit of a corporate buzzkill, texted Noel to cancel his long-awaited leave due to another staff member’s resignation, insisting it was “all hands on deck” time.

The exchange, which quickly went viral after being shared by Michael Sanz, a business owner and outsourcing expert, showcased Nick’s remarkable knack for transforming from boss to party pooper in record time. Nick’s suggestion to shrink Noel’s three-week family reunion into a measly three-day sojourn was met with disbelief and outrage online. After all, what could one possibly do in Bali for three weeks? Enjoy the beaches, immerse in the culture, and spend quality time with family, perhaps? Nick, however, seemed to think a quick pop-over would suffice.


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Noel’s situation struck a chord with many, highlighting the sacredness of vacation days in the modern work culture. His response, asserting the importance of family time and his own need for a break, was a mic-drop moment that resonated with overworked employees everywhere. Ultimately, Noel decided that any company that couldn’t respect his well-deserved time off wasn’t a company he wanted to be a part of. So, with the grace of someone who’s just been told their vacation is a no-go, he put in his notice and embarked on his Bali adventure, leaving Nick and his last-minute demands in the dust.

This saga serves as a cautionary tale for bosses everywhere about the importance of respecting employees’ time off. It’s a reminder that workers aren’t just cogs in the corporate machine; they’re human beings with lives, families, and the occasional need to see the world beyond their cubicles. As for Noel, his story had a happy ending. He enjoyed his trip to Bali, returned to find a chilly reception from management, and then moved on to greener pastures (and presumably, more understanding bosses). So, here’s to vacations, family reunions, and the eternal quest for a work-life balance that doesn’t involve sacrificing one for the other.