Fans Accuse Conor McGregor of Gifting Head Chef ‘Cheapest Rolex You Can Get’ for His 50th Birthday

Fans Accuse Conor McGregor of Gifting Head Chef ‘Cheapest Rolex You Can Get’ for His 50th Birthday

Conor McGregor, renowned for his successful career in mixed martial arts and boxing, has amassed a significant net worth. Known not only for his athletic prowess but also for his entrepreneurial ventures, the father-of-four has launched his own Irish whiskey brand, Proper No. Twelve, and secured endorsement deals with major brands like Beats by Dre, Monster Energy, Reebok, and Bud Light.

Despite his wealth, the 35-year-old McGregor has recently faced criticism for the gift he presented to an employee.

The incident occurred during his visit to the Black Forge Inn pub in South Dublin, an establishment he bought in 2020 for a reported £2m, along with another pub, the Marble Arch, in the Irish county.

McGregor’s visit to the Black Forge Inn was to celebrate a special occasion: the 50th birthday of the pub’s Head Chef, Ed Raethorne.

To mark the milestone, McGregor gifted Raethorne a luxury Rolex watch, acknowledging his role in making the pub a popular spot. The gifting moment was captured on video and shared on social media, showing the staff and patrons celebrating the gesture.

“A big happy birthday. Happy 50th birthday to you,” McGregor is heard saying in the video. “I want to thank you for all the amazing work you do, we are very grateful to have you here. I have a big gift for you. I want to give it to you on your 50th birthday. You’ve joined the Rolex club. Your work is astounding, mate. Keep going, we appreciate you.”

However, the gift has sparked controversy, with some criticizing McGregor for allegedly giving “the cheapest watch Rolex sells,” despite its value still being in the thousands. One social media user commented, “Bro couldn’t even give him a nice Rolex.” Another speculated it might be a re-gift, suggesting, “Why do I get the feeling it’s a Re-gift? You know?… Like Connor found one laying around in his closet and was like ‘I’ll give it to my head chef’.”

A third observer noted, “His head chef is already wearing a Rolex.” Despite the mixed reactions, many viewed the gesture as generous, with one person humorously suggesting, “I’m going to send this to my boss.”

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