First Human Neuralink Patient Plays Chess On A Computer With His Mind

First Human Neuralink Patient Plays Chess On A Computer With His Mind

Elon Musk’s Neuralink has taken a giant leap from the realms of science fiction into reality, showcasing its first human patient, Noland Arbaugh, who can control a computer with his mind, thanks to the brain chip implant. Arbaugh, a 29-year-old left paralyzed from the shoulders down after a diving accident, demonstrated this groundbreaking technology by playing chess online, leaving viewers and tech enthusiasts in awe.

During a nine-minute live stream, Arbaugh revealed that the installation of the Neuralink device was “super easy,” highlighting the user-friendly aspect of this cutting-edge technology. Besides showcasing his chess skills, Arbaugh shared that he engaged in an eight-hour marathon session of playing Civilization VI, illustrating the device’s potential to provide significant quality-of-life improvements for individuals with severe mobility restrictions.

However, it’s not all smooth sailing in the cybernetic realm. Arbaugh noted encountering some issues with the device, a reminder that this groundbreaking technology is still in its nascent stages. Neuralink, Musk’s venture into brain-computer interfaces, aims to bridge the gap between human cognition and digital technology, offering hope to those with spinal or neurological conditions by translating brain signals into digital commands.

The Neuralink device, roughly the size of a coin, taps into the brain’s electrical signals, the same ones generated when we move, speak, or even think. This isn’t just about moving cursors on screens; it’s about restoring a sense of autonomy to those who’ve lost it.

While Neuralink has tested its technology on pigs and monkeys, Arbaugh’s demonstration marks a significant milestone as one of the first public displays of the device in a human. The FDA gave Neuralink the green light for human trials in May 2023, positioning the company at the forefront of a small yet pioneering group exploring the integration of human consciousness with digital interfaces.

Credit: WSJ news

The technology isn’t without its controversies, particularly concerning Neuralink’s animal testing, which has been under scrutiny. Yet, the promise it holds for transforming lives is undeniable. As Neuralink continues to develop and refine its technology, the world watches closely, intrigued by the possibilities this union of brain and machine might unlock.

For those fascinated by the convergence of technology and the human mind, Neuralink’s journey represents a thrilling chapter in the ongoing exploration of our potential to extend and enhance human capabilities through technology.