Flashing Hockey Fan Makes Deal With Playboy After Multiple Other Offers

Flashing Hockey Fan Makes Deal With Playboy After Multiple Other Offers

During the fifth game of the NHL Western Conference Finals on May 31, a woman named Kait, an avid Edmonton Oilers fan, decided to celebrate in an unconventional way by flashing her breasts to the crowd. This spontaneous act, which involved lifting her hockey jersey and shaking her breasts from side to side, was captured on camera and quickly went viral on social media. The incident has since led to significant and unexpected opportunities for Kait, including a modeling contract with Playboy.


Initially, the viral attention was overwhelming for Kait. She swiftly deleted her social media profiles to avoid the onslaught of messages and comments from both admirers and critics. Despite her attempts to remain low-key, internet sleuths were quick to try and track her down. The virality of the moment attracted offers from several adult entertainment companies eager to capitalize on her newfound fame. Among these was Cam Soda, which reportedly offered her $100,000 to recreate her flashing moment. Another adult site, The P*rn Dude, expressed interest, suggesting her appearance was well-suited for their content.

Ultimately, it was Playboy that secured a deal with Kait. The iconic brand announced her new role on their official Instagram page, dubbing her the “Oilers good luck charm.” The post featured a series of racy photos and praised Kait for her spirited support of the Oilers, even humorously attributing some of the team’s success to her enthusiastic cheers. Playboy invited fans to catch more of Kait’s content on their platform, The Playboy Club.

Kait’s reaction to the sudden fame and criticism has been one of defiance and self-assurance. In a post on X (formerly Twitter), she addressed the backlash with a spirited message. She acknowledged that no matter how virtuous or well-intentioned one might be, there will always be detractors. Kait concluded her message with a cheeky affirmation of her actions, celebrating her decision to “whip [her] t*ts out” at the game and embrace the viral moment with a resounding “Go Oilers!”

This story underscores the unpredictable nature of viral fame and how a single moment can lead to significant changes in someone’s life. Kait’s journey from a hockey fan to a Playboy model illustrates the power of social media in shaping new opportunities, regardless of the initial intent. While some may criticize her actions, Kait has leveraged the situation into a lucrative and potentially long-term career opportunity with Playboy, demonstrating resilience and an ability to navigate the complexities of sudden internet fame.