Florida Man Has Hundreds of Bugs Removed From Nose, Felt ‘Off’ For Months

Florida Man Has Hundreds of Bugs Removed From Nose, Felt ‘Off’ For Months

In an episode that might have you reconsidering your next fishing trip, a Florida man (because who else?) found himself in an unenviable and rather “buggy” predicament. After months of feeling “off,” he decided to consult a doctor, only to discover he was hosting a squirming soiree of 150 live bugs in his nose. Yes, you read that correctly. This isn’t the plot of a horror movie—it’s real life, and it’s as disgustingly fascinating as it sounds.

Our intrepid protagonist began experiencing symptoms that would send most of us sprinting to the nearest medical facility. His face and lips swelled to the point where speaking became a Herculean task, his nose bled at the slightest provocation, and he described a sensation of his face being “on fire.” Yet, it was only when the doctor noticed some uninvited guests moving around during an examination that the true horror was revealed.

The patient was clueless about how his nasal cavity turned into a bug bed-and-breakfast, though he speculated it might be linked to his less-than-sterile habit of handling dead fish while fishing—without proper hand washing afterward. Adding to the intrigue, the man had battled neuroblastoma, a type of cancer, 30 years prior, leaving him with a compromised immune system post-tumor removal.

Dr. David Carlson, the medical maestro behind the extraction, shed light on the “toxic environment” created by the bugs. These unwanted nasal invaders fed, grew, and, quite frankly, did what bugs do best—made themselves at home, shedding tissue and excreting inside the man’s nose. The larger bugs matched the size of the end of a pinky finger, turning the man’s nose into a no-go zone for the faint-hearted.

Armed with anti-parasitic medication and a special rinse, our hero was put on a rigorous cleaning regimen, with follow-up evaluations planned up to four times a year. Despite the ordeal, he’s expected to make a full recovery, proving that even the most bizarre health scares can have a happy ending.

So, let this tale serve as a cautionary one: next time you’re handling fish or contemplating a quick dip in a questionable body of water, maybe think twice—or at least wash your hands thoroughly. Because, as this Florida man learned the hard way, you never know what tiny freeloaders might decide your nose is the perfect place to throw their next party.