Gisele Bundchen Pissed Over Divorce Jokes at Tom Brady Roast

Gisele Bundchen Pissed Over Divorce Jokes at Tom Brady Roast

During the much-anticipated “The Greatest Roast of All Time: Tom Brady,” hosted by Netflix, humor targeted at Tom Brady’s divorce from Gisele Bündchen struck a sour note with the supermodel herself. The event, which featured celebrities like Kevin Hart, Nikki Glaser, and Drew Bledsoe, repeatedly made light of Brady’s separation from Bündchen, much to the latter’s disapproval.

Gisele Bündchen, who was busy assisting family members affected by severe floods in Brazil at the time, was reportedly “deeply disappointed” by the flippant references to her personal life. Sources close to Bündchen conveyed her frustration to People magazine, noting her primary concern was the impact of the roast’s content on her children. While Brady appeared to take the jokes in stride during the event, laughing along with the audience, the portrayal of his family life evidently did not sit well with Bündchen.

The sensitivity of celebrity divorces, especially those involving children, raises questions about the limits of humor in public settings. The roast, while meant to entertain, perhaps crossed boundaries that were personal to those involved, despite reportedly setting Brady’s children as off-limits for the jokes. The incident highlights the ongoing challenges faced by public figures in managing personal and public narratives, especially in the context of highly publicized events such as a celebrity roast.

As both Brady and Bündchen have moved on—with Brady linked to Irina Shayk and Bündchen growing closer to Joaquim Valente—their post-divorce lives continue to attract significant media attention, illustrating the relentless public scrutiny faced by celebrities even in their most personal moments.