Grim Scene in Netflix Horror that’s ‘Messing with People’s Heads’ comes with Trigger Warning

Grim Scene in Netflix Horror that’s ‘Messing with People’s Heads’ comes with Trigger Warning

A scene from the psychological thriller “The Lodge,” recently added to Netflix, has been described as “so violent” that it necessitates a content warning. This move reflects the film and TV industry’s growing concern for viewers’ mental health, particularly following the release of series like “13 Reasons Why,” which was associated with a significant increase in suicides among the 10-17 age group.

“The Lodge,” directed by Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala and written by Franz, Fiala, and Sergio Casci, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2019 and has only recently become available on Netflix. The film revolves around a woman trapped in a remote cabin with her fiancé’s two children, where she is tormented by the past and fears she is ensnared in a horrifying trap.

The film’s particularly violent opening scene, depicting a character played by Alicia Silverstone taking their own life, has prompted viewers to take to social media, warning others of its triggering nature. One X (formerly known as Twitter) user cautioned, “If you’re sensitive to s*icide do NOT watch ‘The Lodge’ on Netflix. There is an extremely violent s*icide without warning. Please share this. 100 percent triggering and painful to watch.”

In response to the scene’s graphic content, 46Studio Creations shared the scene on YouTube with an age restriction of 18 and a content warning stating, “The following content may contain s*icide or s*lf-h*rm topics. Viewer discretion is advised.” Clicking the ‘read more’ button leads to YouTube’s policy on sensitive content, emphasizing the platform’s commitment to mental health awareness while prohibiting content that promotes s*icide, s*lf-h*rm, or eating disorders.

Additionally, the video features a banner for the UK mental health charity Samaritans, offering support and contact information for those in crisis. On Netflix, “The Lodge” is rated 15 and warns of ‘s*lf-h*rm, s*icide, and language,’ but lacks the detailed warning provided by 46Studio Creations.

The film’s intense content and the subsequent warnings highlight the ongoing conversation about mental health and the responsibility of media platforms to protect viewers. If you or someone you know is struggling or in crisis, resources are available through Mental Health America, Crisis Text Line, and Samaritans, offering support and a listening ear to those in need.