Gripping Drama ‘Better than Narcos’ Has Near Perfect Rotten Tomatoes Score

Gripping Drama ‘Better than Narcos’ Has Near Perfect Rotten Tomatoes Score

“Snowfall,” a six-season drama series focusing on the first crack epidemic in Los Angeles during the 80s, has been making waves on BBC iPlayer, drawing comparisons to other crime dramas like “Narcos” and “Top Boy.”

One viewer said:

“This show is blowing my mind. The acting is phenomenal and I can’t believe it took this long for this story to be told.”

The series, which concluded last year, offers a total of 60 episodes, providing viewers with a substantial binge-watching experience.

The show, which first aired in 2017, stars Damson Idris as the young drug dealer Franklin Saint and delves into the lives of various individuals impacted by the rise of crack cocaine in LA. British viewers can easily access the series on BBC iPlayer, where the entire show is available for those with a TV Licence.

Fans of “Snowfall” have been vocal in their praise, with some claiming it’s ‘probably the best show I’ve ever seen’ and ‘no doubt one of the best TV shows I’ve ever watched in my life.’ The series has been lauded for its compelling storytelling and strong performances, particularly by Damson Idris.

The acclaim doesn’t stop there. One viewer even placed “Snowfall” alongside iconic series like “The Sopranos” and “Succession,” highlighting its successful conclusion, which is often a critical aspect of long-running series. The satisfaction of a well-executed finale is contrasted with shows like “Game of Thrones,” where the ending may deter new viewers.

“Snowfall” is not just available on BBC iPlayer but also on Disney+, offering a wide audience the chance to immerse themselves in this gripping crime drama. As viewers continue to discover and appreciate the series, “Snowfall” cements its place as a standout show in the genre, captivating audiences with its intense narrative and rich character development.