Guest At A Las Vegas Hotel Gets Stung In The Balls By A Scorpion

Guest At A Las Vegas Hotel Gets Stung In The Balls By A Scorpion

When you check into a luxurious Las Vegas hotel, you expect a bit of a gamble, but surely not in your bed, and definitely not with a scorpion as your unwelcome bedfellow! Yet, Michael Farchi, a guest at The Venetian Las Vegas, found himself in a stinging situation when he woke up to a scorpion’s painful welcome right in his… well, let’s just say it’s a spot where the sun doesn’t shine.

On a seemingly ordinary morning of December 26, while Michael was lost in dreamland, little did he know that his private area would soon become a battleground. Around 8 AM, he felt a sharp pain that could easily be mistaken for a nightmare, except it was all too real. The culprit? An orange scorpion that seemed to have a vendetta against his underwear.
Rushing to the bathroom, Farchi discovered the arachnid still clinging to his briefs, probably plotting its next move. After managing to detach himself from his tiny assailant, Farchi did what any of us would do after ensuring the coast was clear – he took pictures. Because if you don’t snap it, did it really happen?

His next stop was the hospital, because, as you can imagine, being stung ‘down there’ is no walk in the park. Post the unpleasant wake-up call and hospital visit, Farchi did what any aggrieved guest would do: he filed an incident report with the hotel staff, who were as shocked as anyone would be upon hearing of their guest’s intimate encounter with a scorpion.

The hotel’s response? Well, they comped his room, which is the least they could do after such a ‘prickly’ experience. However, when it came to taking responsibility, The Venetian’s stance was more on the defensive side. They asserted that all protocols were followed and subtly hinted that guests should inspect their rooms upon checking in – because, of course, every guest should expect to conduct a scorpion search as part of their stay, right?

Feeling wronged and probably still nursing a very tender area, Farchi decided it was time for some legal action. He’s now working with an attorney to see if the hotel can be held accountable for their unexpected and very lively room amenity.

While the hotel suggests that Farchi should have been more vigilant about his room’s critter situation, one has to wonder: isn’t a scorpion-free bed a basic expectation, not an added luxury? As Farchi explores his legal options, this incident serves as a bizarre reminder that even in the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, nature can have the upper hand – or in this case, the upper sting.