‘Hawk Tuah’ Girl Breaks Down In Tears After Getting Massive Payday For Appearance

‘Hawk Tuah’ Girl Breaks Down In Tears After Getting Massive Payday For Appearance

It’s been a month since Haliey Welch’s viral video, and her fame is translating into substantial earnings. Welch, known for the phrase “Hawk Tuah” followed by “spit on that thang,” which she coined in a viral video posted by Tim & Dee TV on TikTok and YouTube, is now making thousands from public appearances. Despite Tim & Dee’s claims of insufficient recognition, Welch has capitalized on her newfound fame by trademarking the phrase for comedy and apparel purposes.

Recently, Welch earned $30,000 for an appearance at Daer Dayclub in the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida. The event celebrated her reaching one million Instagram followers, a milestone she quickly surpassed, now boasting 1.1 million followers. During the event, Welch, who judged a bikini competition, was visibly emotional, overwhelmed by the attention and success she has garnered.

Welch’s viral fame extends beyond public appearances. She partnered with Fathead Threads, a family-run business, to sell hats emblazoned with “Hawk Tuan ’24.” This collaboration has been immensely successful, with over 2,000 hats sold in just a few days, generating approximately $65,000 in revenue.


Addressing rumors, Welch clarified on social media that she was not a school teacher but had worked in a spring plant for ten months before quitting to travel. She also debunked the claim that she was fired, explaining that she left her job voluntarily. With her current trajectory, Welch is poised to continue her lucrative appearances globally, leveraging her viral fame to travel and earn.