‘Hawk Tuah’ Girl Clears The Air On All The Rumors Started About Her Since Going Viral

‘Hawk Tuah’ Girl Clears The Air On All The Rumors Started About Her Since Going Viral
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Hailey Welch, known globally as the ‘Hawk Tuah Girl,’ has addressed rumors regarding her employment status after a viral video. Welch became an internet sensation after a video by Tim & Dee TV featured her responding humorously to a provocative question. Following the video’s popularity, rumors circulated online that Welch had been fired from her job as a school teacher, a claim originating from a satirical publication.


In an interview with PlanBri for Barstool Sports, Welch clarified that the rumors were entirely false. She explained that she is not a teacher or a bartender but was working in a spring factory at the time of the video’s release. She also debunked the claim that her father is a preacher, stating it couldn’t be further from the truth.


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Welch expressed her frustration with the fabricated stories surrounding her, emphasizing that most of what is said about her online is untrue. She voiced her desire to distance herself from the ‘Hawk Tuah’ persona, noting that she does not want to be permanently associated with the viral moment.

The 21-year-old shared that her response in the video was meant to be cheeky and light-hearted, and she did not anticipate the extent of the viral attention it would receive. Despite the fame, Welch hopes to move past this episode and not be defined by it.

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Welch’s candid revelations highlight the often overwhelming and misleading nature of viral fame. As she continues to navigate her unexpected celebrity status, she remains clear on setting the record straight about her real life, away from the myths created online.