‘Hawk Tuah’ Girl Files Trademarks, Looking At Starting Comedy Career

‘Hawk Tuah’ Girl Files Trademarks, Looking At Starting Comedy Career
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Hailey Welch, known as the viral “Hawk Tuah” Girl, is transitioning into a comedy career by trademarking her famous phrase. Welch has filed for trademarks in two fields: apparel, including hats and shirts, and entertainment services, specifically comedy podcasts and live comedy shows. This move suggests Welch is looking to extend her viral fame into a lasting presence in the entertainment industry.

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Welch’s new company, 16 Minutes, LLC, a clever nod to extending her 15 minutes of fame, is behind the trademark filings. Her management team, Penthouse, has been actively shutting down merchants trying to profit from her catchphrase by sending cease and desist letters. This proactive approach underscores their commitment to protecting Welch’s brand and capitalizing on her viral success.

In addition to the trademark filings, Welch plans to launch her own line of merchandise, ensuring fans can get official “Hawk Tuah” gear directly from her. This merchandising strategy is part of a broader plan to solidify her brand and maintain control over her image and profits.


Welch’s foray into comedy will see her stepping up to the mic soon, aiming to make audiences laugh just as much as her viral video did. With her unique brand of humor and a memorable catchphrase, Welch is poised to make a significant impact in the comedy world.