Hawk Tuah’ Girl Was Offered $600 To ‘Hawk Tuah’ In A Jar

Hawk Tuah’ Girl Was Offered $600 To ‘Hawk Tuah’ In A Jar
YouTube/Plan Bri Uncut

Hailey Welch, known as the “Hawk Tuah Girl,” has shared some surprising and unsettling offers she has received since gaining internet fame. Welch, a 21-year-old from Belfast, Tennessee, became an internet sensation after a YouTube video in which she humorously described a bedroom move went viral. Her phrase, “You gotta give ’em that ‘hawk tuah’ and spit on that thang,” quickly became a meme, propelling her to unexpected celebrity status.


In her first interview on the Plan Bri Uncut podcast with Brianna LaPaglia, Welch revealed that she had deleted her social media accounts six months prior for personal reasons. However, her sudden fame led to people creating fake accounts in her name and using her pictures without permission, which she found quite creepy. Welch discussed various rumors, including false claims about her being an elementary school teacher and a bartender, all of which she debunked during the interview.

Welch also addressed the darker side of her newfound fame. She revealed that a fan had offered her $600 to spit in a jar and send it to them. Welch expressed her disgust at the offer, calling it revolting and highlighting the sometimes bizarre requests that come with internet fame. Despite these odd and unsettling experiences, Welch is determined to capitalize on her viral moment.

Teaming up with Jason Poteete, the owner of Fathead Threads, Welch is now selling “Hawk Tuah” hats and splitting the profits. Poteete reached out to Welch after noticing that others were profiting from her catchphrase without her consent, wanting to ensure she benefited financially from her own viral fame. Welch’s new management team is working on reestablishing her social media presence and planning her moves to Los Angeles and New York to further her career.

Welch’s family, she noted, sees the humorous side of her sudden rise to fame. Clearing up rumors about her background, Welch emphasized that her father is not a preacher, as some had claimed, and reiterated that none of the widespread speculations about her personal life were true. As she navigates her unexpected celebrity, Welch plans to embrace the opportunities while maintaining her authenticity.