Hulk Hogan Frees Trapped Teenager After Car Crash

Hulk Hogan Frees Trapped Teenager After Car Crash

At 9:59 AM PT, Hulk Hogan’s wife, Sky Daily, shared a post about a dramatic car crash they witnessed in Tampa. She wrote, “Last night, after we left dinner in Tampa, we saw a car flip in front of us! I truly admire my husband @hulkhogan and our good buddy @jakerask for springing into action, puncturing the girls airbag, and getting her quickly out of the car. By all appearances, she was unscathed, just really rattled, which is an absolute miracle!”

TMZ Sports released new photos from the crash scene, showing Hulk Hogan and his friend acting like real-life superheroes. The images provided a close view of the incident, with the teen’s car flipped upside down and her stepping out of the vehicle. Hulk’s friend, Jake, a Marine, was seen rushing to help in what seemed like a scene from a movie. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured.

At 7:17 AM PT, it was revealed that the driver was a 17-year-old girl who was completely shaken by the accident. Sources shared that Hulk Hogan’s friend Jake, who immediately dove into action, is a Marine.

Hulk Hogan, known for his WWE heel persona, became a real-life hero this weekend. He, his wife Sky Daily, and their friend were driving in Tampa, FL, when they saw a car swerve erratically to catch an exit, clip another car, and flip over. Hulk and Jake, his friend, quickly went to aid the driver, a woman who was visibly rattled by the accident. Using tools that Hulk had, Jake punctured the woman’s airbag, and they both helped unbuckle her seatbelt and safely extract her from the vehicle. Paramedics arrived later, and Hulk and his group stayed to observe.

The woman involved in the accident appeared to be okay, and Hulk was glad to have been able to help. This incident showed a different side of Hulk Hogan, contrasting his often villainous wrestling persona. In a real-life emergency, he proved to be a genuine hero, stepping up to assist when needed. The woman who was rescued must have been surprised to find Hulk Hogan as her personal savior. His actions demonstrate that he’s much more than just a character in the ring – he’s a genuinely nice guy ready to help in a crisis.