‘Incredibly Inappropriate’ Disney Scene From Classic Movie Has Fans Calling For It’s Removal

‘Incredibly Inappropriate’ Disney Scene From Classic Movie Has Fans Calling For It’s Removal

Disney fans have been left horrified by a highly inappropriate scene from the 1994 film Blank Check. The movie follows 11-year-old Preston Waters, who is mistakenly given a blank check by a criminal. Preston uses the money to buy extravagant items, including houses and limousine services. While the film’s plot involves some questionable financial decisions, it’s the romantic subplot that has sparked outrage years later.

The controversial scene involves Preston sharing a kiss with Shay Stanley, a bank teller and undercover FBI agent played by Karen Duffy, who was 31 at the time. This was not a mere peck on the cheek, but a full kiss on the lips, which viewers now criticize as entirely inappropriate and uncomfortable. To make matters worse, Shay tells Preston that she will go on a date with him in six years, when he would be just 17, and she would be significantly older.

Social media users have expressed their shock and disbelief at the scene. One person commented, “I remember rewatching this movie one night and seeing this scene coming up and thinking to myself ‘she’s going to kiss him on the cheek like they usually do’ and then my jaw hitting the floor when she actually kissed him on the lips.” Another remarked, “I assure you. That scene was weird when Blank Check first came out.” A third added, “This was messed up even in its day,” while a fourth questioned, “Nobody on set was like, ‘On the lips? Are you sure about this?'”

Some reactions suggested that the scene was harmless, perpetuating the harmful stereotype that young boys should “enjoy” the attention of older women. However, the majority of viewers agree that the scene has aged poorly and should not have been included in a family movie.

The film has faced renewed scrutiny as fans and critics alike call for its removal from streaming platforms. The debate over the scene highlights ongoing discussions about consent, appropriate content for children’s media, and the lasting impact of problematic portrayals in entertainment.

Lead actor Brian Bonsall, who played Preston, has addressed the controversy, acknowledging the scene’s inappropriateness and expressing his support for its removal from streaming services. As the conversation continues, it serves as a reminder of the importance of critically examining media from the past and ensuring that current and future content is mindful of appropriate boundaries and representations.