Instagram Is Testing Unscrollable Ads You Can’t Skip

Instagram Is Testing Unscrollable Ads You Can’t Skip

Instagram is currently testing a new feature called “ad breaks” that forces users to stop and watch an advertisement before they can continue scrolling. This feature has been reported by several social media users, and Instagram spokesperson Matthew Tye confirmed to The Verge that these ad breaks are indeed being tested. Tye stated that Instagram would “provide updates should this test result in any formal product changes.”


The ad breaks appear after users have scrolled through a certain amount of content. One user noticed this feature while scrolling through stories and posts, where Instagram prevented further scrolling until they viewed an ad. A screenshot shows an “ad break” icon accompanied by a countdown timer indicating how long users must wait before they can continue.

Another user encountered the same feature, sharing their experience on social media. Unlike the typical sponsored posts and ads that already appear between content on Instagram’s home feed and Reels, these unskippable ads represent a more intrusive advertising method.


According to Tye, Instagram is always exploring new formats to increase value for advertisers. However, the introduction of unskippable content between posts marks a significant shift in the platform’s advertising strategy. This development has sparked various reactions among users, highlighting the ongoing debate about the balance between user experience and advertising revenue on social media platforms.