Instagram Model Sells Bottles Of Her Farts For $300

Instagram Model Sells Bottles Of Her Farts For $300

In the ever-evolving world of social media monetization, where influencers have found myriad ways to connect with and capitalize on their followers, Kiaraakitty, a 21-year-old Instagrammer with a flair for the unique, has taken commerce to a whole new level. Known for her previous stunt of staging a hoax egg attack for attention, Cheng Wing Yee (Kiaraakitty’s real name) has embarked on selling a product that is as unconventional as it is personal: her own farts, bottled up and sold for a breezy £237 each.

With an Instagram following of 234,000, Kiaraakitty assures her fans that these specially crafted jars of her “very special odour” come with a shelf life of 30 days post-opening, ensuring the scent remains as potent as the day it was jarred. Each purchase is sweetened with a love note from Kiara, adding a personal touch to this peculiar offering. Her online shop tantalizingly invites followers to “feed their curiosity” about how their favorite streamer smells, without leaving anything to the imagination.

This unique venture is not Kiaraakitty’s first foray into unconventional sales. In the past, she has launched a pop-up business described as Singapore’s first maid café, where hugs were sold for £79. Her diverse portfolio also includes selling used lingerie, a mystery gift priced at £790, and even her used bath water for £395, proving that when it comes to monetizing personal assets, Kiara is not one to shy away from creativity.

While the idea of selling bottled farts might raise eyebrows or even cause a few chuckles, it’s a testament to the lengths influencers will go to stand out in a crowded market. Kiaraakitty’s venture into the fart trade highlights the unconventional ways social media personalities engage with their audience, pushing the boundaries of what’s considered sellable merchandise.

Despite the unusual nature of her product, Kiaraakitty’s entrepreneurial spirit is unmistakable. Her willingness to explore niche markets and capitalize on her personal brand is a bold reminder of the diverse and sometimes baffling world of social media commerce. Whether or not this venture proves to be as lucrative as she hopes, Kiaraakitty’s foray into selling bottled farts is sure to be a topic of conversation and perhaps even inspiration for other influencers looking to make their mark in unique ways.