Jack Black and Director of ‘School of Rock’ Confirm They’re Up For Sequel Under One Condition

Jack Black and Director of ‘School of Rock’ Confirm They’re Up For Sequel Under One Condition
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The director of “School of Rock,” Richard Linklater, has confirmed he would be up for a sequel to the beloved film, but with one specific condition. Speaking exclusively to UNILAD, Linklater responded to Jack Black’s earlier comments about being open to reprising his role as Dewey Finn. Black had mentioned he would ‘never say never’ to returning to the role and even floated a potential title, “School of Rock 2: Electric Boogaloo.” However, Black emphasized that writer Mike White must be involved for the sequel to happen.

Despite White’s busy schedule, especially with his success on the hit show “The White Lotus,” Linklater showed enthusiasm for the idea. Currently promoting his new project “Hit Man” set to premiere on Netflix, Linklater laughed when hearing about Black’s quotes and stated, “Sure, it has been a long time. There was talk of it years ago but I’d love to work with Jack again. But there’s got to be a reason. There’s got to be something.” He stressed the importance of having a meaningful idea behind the sequel, referencing the successful reboot of “Top Gun: Maverick” as an example of a well-thought-out sequel.

Linklater highlighted that he would only consider the project if there is a compelling reason and story to tell. He explained, “Don’t do it unless there’s an idea, the reason we did two Before’s is there was a good idea screaming out, there’s something to express about this.” He differentiated between thoughtful sequels and what he calls “victory lap sequels,” which are quickly made for economic gain without substantial content.


The original “School of Rock,” directed by Linklater and starring Black, became a cult classic due to its unique blend of comedy and music, along with Black’s charismatic performance. With both Linklater and Black expressing interest, fans are now eagerly awaiting to see if writer Mike White can come up with a brilliant idea to bring the sequel to life. If everything aligns, the iconic film may soon see a much-anticipated return.