Jake Paul’s Next Opponent Calls For Full Cancellation of Mike Tyson Fight

Jake Paul’s Next Opponent Calls For Full Cancellation of Mike Tyson Fight

Jake Paul’s new boxing opponent is calling for the fight with Mike Tyson to be canceled altogether. Originally set for July 20, the bout has been postponed due to a medical issue with Tyson. According to a statement from Netflix, which was organizing the event, Tyson’s recent ulcer flare-up has hindered his ability to train adequately. The fight will be rescheduled once Tyson is fully recovered, allowing both fighters ample time to prepare.

In the wake of the postponement, Paul suggested a replacement match, teasing a fight against KSI, a popular YouTuber and boxer. Paul proposed the match to take place on the original July date, followed by his fight with Tyson later in the year. KSI, however, declined the offer, citing a prior commitment to another match in August. Despite Paul’s persistence and an additional offer to fight in February alongside his brother Logan Paul versus Deji, KSI remains firm in his stance.


KSI has also raised concerns about Tyson’s health, echoing fans’ worries about the safety of the fight. He has called for the Paul vs. Tyson bout to be canceled entirely, citing the need to prioritize medical safety. Tyson, addressing his health issue, thanked his supporters and reassured them of his commitment to returning to full training soon. He expressed confidence in his ability to knock out Paul when the fight eventually takes place, promising an unforgettable performance later in the year.

This development has sparked a broader conversation about the ethics and safety of high-profile boxing matches, especially involving older athletes with known health issues. As the rescheduled date for the fight remains uncertain, fans are left wondering about the future of these much-anticipated matchups. Tyson’s statement has reassured many, but it also underscores the importance of proper health management in professional sports.