Jared Leto Doesn’t Care When Fans Compare His Looks to Jesus: ‘He’s a Classic’

Jared Leto Doesn’t Care When Fans Compare His Looks to Jesus: ‘He’s a Classic’

Jared Leto, the eclectic and ever-evolving actor and musician, recently shared his light-hearted take on the comparisons between his appearance and that of Jesus. At the age of 52, Leto has become something of an internet sensation, not just for his acting chops or musical talent, but for his, let’s say, ‘divine’ looks.

Speaking to PEOPLE at the iHeartRadio Music Awards, Leto recounted a particularly amusing incident involving a Brazilian grandmother who mistook a photo of him for an image of Jesus, proudly displaying it on her refrigerator. Leto finds the mix-up and the broader comparison rather amusing, noting, “It could be worse. He’s a classic,” before humorously adding, “It could be Ronald McDonald or something.”

But the celestial comparisons don’t stop there. On a recent visit to SiriusXM’s TikTok Radio, Leto was informed of his uncanny resemblance to reality TV star Scott Disick. Leto’s response? “Really? Lucky me. Thank you.” He jestingly mused about the financial perks of being related to Disick, acknowledging the reality star’s wealth.

Away from the doppelgänger discussions, Leto’s artistic journey continues to thrive. Fresh from a performance in Monterrey, Mexico, to an audience of “75 or 100,000 people,” Leto expressed his exhilaration about returning to the stage with his band, Thirty Seconds to Mars. The band is embarking on their most extensive and “craziest” tour yet, with dates across Europe and the U.S. planned for the summer.

Parallel to his music tour, Leto is immersed in the filming of “Tron: Ares,” the much-anticipated sequel to the Tron series. Balancing a world tour with a film shoot is no small feat, but Leto is relishing the challenge, describing his recent stage performance in Mexico as “an incredible celebration of life.”

Leto’s attitude towards the comparisons and his ongoing projects reflects a man who doesn’t take himself too seriously, despite his celestial lookalike status. Whether he’s being likened to a deity or a reality TV personality, Leto remains focused on his creative pursuits, bringing a sense of humor to everything he does. It’s a balancing act that would make even the most divine beings nod in approval.