Jimmy Kimmel Being Sued By George Santos For Using Cameos on Show

Jimmy Kimmel Being Sued By George Santos For Using Cameos on Show

In what might be the most Hollywood legal drama of the year, George Santos is taking Jimmy Kimmel to court over—you guessed it—Cameo videos. Yes, folks, the political world has collided with late-night TV in a lawsuit that sounds more like a sketch than real life.

Santos, the former House of Representatives member, has filed a lawsuit against Kimmel, ABC, and their corporate overlord, The Walt Disney Company. His beef? Kimmel used personalized Cameo videos made by Santos on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and Santos is not laughing. According to Santos, this act violated copyright laws and Cameo’s terms of service faster than you can say “objection!”

The bone of contention revolves around a few segments aired in December where Kimmel showcased Santos doing what Cameo does best—sending personalized shout-outs. Except, these shout-outs were to winners of a beef-eating contest and someone who allegedly cloned their dog. While the audience found it hilarious, Santos is claiming foul play, stating that Cameo’s licensing doesn’t permit such videos to be broadcasted nationwide.

Diving deeper, Santos alleges that the videos are his intellectual property, “wholly owned” by him, as per Cameo’s rules. The plot thickens with claims of fraudulent inducement. Santos accuses Kimmel of using fake profiles and personas to coax him into making these videos—basically, catfishing him into a copyright clash.

Now, Santos is seeking damages and attorney fees from Kimmel, ABC, and Disney, turning this comedic episode into a legal battle. As for Kimmel’s camp, they’ve been radio silent on the matter thus far.

So, as we wait for this saga to unfold, one thing’s clear: the next time you’re thinking of buying a Cameo from your favorite celeb, maybe double-check those terms of service. And for the celebrities out there—beware of beef-eating contests and cloned dogs, lest you find yourself the star of your own courtroom drama.