John Leguizamo Said Patrick Swayze ‘Couldn’t Keep Up’ While Filming ‘To Wong Foo’

John Leguizamo Said Patrick Swayze ‘Couldn’t Keep Up’ While Filming ‘To Wong Foo’

John Leguizamo recently discussed his experience working with the late Patrick Swayze on the set of the 1995 comedy “To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar,” where both actors portrayed drag queens. In a revealing interview on Andy Cohen’s SiriusXM radio show, Leguizamo opened up about the dynamics on set, describing Swayze as having moments of insecurity and neuroticism. This was particularly evident when it came to the improvisational approach that Leguizamo and his co-star Wesley Snipes preferred, which often involved deviating from the script to add flair to their performances.

According to Leguizamo, Swayze was more comfortable sticking to the script and would become irritated with the frequent ad-libbing by his co-stars. This difference in acting styles led to some tension, as Swayze felt challenged to keep pace with the spontaneous and energetic deliveries of Leguizamo and Snipes. Despite these on-set conflicts, Leguizamo made it clear that his reflections were not meant to tarnish Swayze’s professional reputation or personal memory. He emphasized that while they had their disagreements, he held no ill will towards Swayze and respected him both as an actor and a person.

Leguizamo’s candid recount provides insight into the complex relationships that can develop during film production, highlighting how differing approaches to the craft of acting can impact interpersonal dynamics among cast members. It also sheds light on the emotional and professional pressures that actors often navigate while working closely together under the high-stress conditions of a film set.

Adding to the conversation, Leguizamo acknowledged the overall positive impact that working on “To Wong Foo” had on his career and expressed gratitude for the opportunity to explore such a unique character. He noted that despite the challenges, the film was a significant learning experience and a memorable part of his acting journey. This aspect of his reflection offers a balanced view, appreciating the creative process and the growth it spurred, despite the occasional strife.