Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber Are Permanently Banned From Buying A Ferrari

Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber Are Permanently Banned From Buying A Ferrari

Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian have been permanently banned from buying Ferraris, joining a handful of celebrities reportedly on Ferrari’s ‘blacklist.’ The Italian car manufacturer, known for making some of the best cars in the world, has specific rules that all owners must follow. Violations of these rules can lead to a permanent ban, regardless of the buyer’s fame or wealth.

Justin Bieber found himself blacklisted after modifying his Ferrari 458 Italia F1 Edition without the company’s permission. Bieber had the car wrapped in electric blue, changed its wheels, and altered the prancing horse logo on the steering wheel. Ferrari enforces strict guidelines about modifications to maintain the brand’s image and integrity.

50 Cent, another high-profile name on the blacklist, criticized his Ferrari publicly in 2020 after experiencing battery issues that required towing. His disparaging comments on social media violated Ferrari’s rule about promoting the brand positively. This public denouncement was enough to get the rapper banned from purchasing future models.

Kim Kardashian reportedly earned her spot on the blacklist for multiple reasons. She was seen as not taking proper care of her Ferrari and was also involved in a controversy where she received a Ferrari as a wedding gift from a Malaysian businessman later revealed to be a financial fraudster. Ferrari’s high standards for ownership include maintaining the car’s condition and ensuring it is acquired through legitimate means.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. also fell afoul of Ferrari’s rules by selling his car too soon after purchase. Ferrari often restricts the resale of their vehicles within a certain timeframe to prevent flipping for profit and to control the market for their cars. Mayweather’s quick resale was against these guidelines, resulting in his ban.

These incidents highlight Ferrari’s commitment to maintaining its brand’s prestige and the lengths to which they will go to ensure their cars are treated with the respect and care they demand. Despite the wealth and fame of these individuals, Ferrari’s strict enforcement of its rules shows that no one is above their policies.