KISS Sells Entire Catalog, Likeness, & Name to Hologram Company for $300 Million

KISS Sells Entire Catalog, Likeness, & Name to Hologram Company for $300 Million

The rock legends KISS have made a monumental move by selling their entire music catalog, along with their name and image, for a staggering $300 million to Pophouse Entertainment. This isn’t just any company; they’re known for creating hologram shows for iconic music acts, bringing legends like ABBA back to the stage in digital form. And now, KISS is set to join this new age of performance with a digital avatar residency.

Pophouse Entertainment isn’t just about holograms; they’re about preserving and rejuvenating the legacies of the world’s most beloved artists. The company’s CEO lauded KISS for their enduring influence over their 50-year career, noting their ability to captivate generations and push cultural boundaries. Their unique personas, unforgettable music, and distinctive style have not only sold over 100 million records worldwide but also cemented their status in the pantheon of rock legends.

The deal with KISS is on par with recent high-profile catalog sales from other rock luminaries like Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen, though the figures have varied. This trend raises the question: What’s the real value of a music legacy in today’s dollars and cents? For KISS, their decision to sell seems to be a resounding nod to the future, embracing a new digital life while securing their legacy.

With Pophouse’s promise to protect and revitalize KISS’s legacy, fans might soon experience the band’s electrifying performances in a whole new way. The deal signifies a shift in how we preserve and experience music history, blending nostalgia with cutting-edge technology to keep the legends alive for new generations.

As the music industry continues to evolve, the KISS deal with Pophouse Entertainment could set a new standard for how artists and their legacies are valued and preserved. It’s a brave new world where rock stars can continue to entertain, inspire, and rock out, even in holographic form. For KISS, it seems the show will go on, just with a bit more digital sparkle.