Lilly Allen Blasts Beyonce’s Country Album, Calls it ‘Calculated’ and ‘Weird’

Lilly Allen Blasts Beyonce’s Country Album, Calls it ‘Calculated’ and ‘Weird’

In the latest episode of the “Country Music Meets Pop” saga, Lily Allen casts her unfiltered critique on Beyoncé’s foray into the world of country with her album “Cowboy Carter.” During her “Miss Me?” podcast, Allen, along with her cohost Miquita Oliver, dissected Beyoncé’s bold move to cover Dolly Parton’s iconic “Jolene,” branding it a peculiar choice for someone venturing into new musical pastures.

Allen, who is known for her straightforwardness, didn’t mince words when she expressed her bemusement at Beyoncé’s strategy to tackle country music by diving headfirst into one of its most treasured anthems. It’s as if Beyoncé decided, “Why just dip your toes when you can do a cannonball into the country music pool?”

The English singer also raised an eyebrow at the entire “Cowboy” concept and suggested that the album’s rollout seemed as meticulously planned as a royal wedding, pointing to Jay-Z’s recent Grammy speech as part of the grand scheme. Allen hinted that Beyoncé’s country crusade might be a calculated comeback after a less-than-warm reception at the 2016 CMA Awards.

And, because no critique is complete without a nod to aesthetics, Allen slightly shaded Beyoncé’s polished image, hinting that while Queen Bey’s entourage of stylists and trainers is top-notch, perhaps the country persona might be more of a fabulous facade than a genuine transformation.

As this brews into a potential pop vs. country showdown, one thing is clear: when you mix Lily Allen’s candor with Beyoncé’s boldness, you’re bound to get a conversation starter—or a country-pop cocktail that’s as intriguing as it is spicy.