Lizzo Records Live Reaction of South Park’s Dig at Her During Ozempic Episode

Lizzo Records Live Reaction of South Park’s Dig at Her During Ozempic Episode

Lizzo recently recorded her live reaction to a South Park episode that took a dig at her in their latest special, “South Park: The End of Obesity.” The episode, dubbed the “Ozempic episode,” focused on the impact of new weight loss drugs in the town of South Park. Among the satirical targets was Lizzo, who shared her response on TikTok, where she watched the episode unfold.

The singer, known for her advocacy of body positivity, appeared visibly shocked as she watched a character in the show reference a fictional drug named “Lizzo.” The satirical advertisement claimed the drug helped control cravings and made people feel good about their weight. It humorously mentioned that 70% of users no longer cared about their weight and included over-the-top side effects like constipation and sh**ting out ears.

Reacting to the segment, Lizzo expressed a mix of surprise and pride. She stated, “That’s crazy. I just feel like ‘damn, I’m really that bch’. I showed the world how to love yourself and not give a fk to the point where these men in Colorado know who the f**k I am and put it on their cartoon that’s been around for 25 years.” She continued, emphasizing her influence and commitment to self-love, promising to continue promoting positivity and resilience.



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Lizzo’s fans had mixed reactions to the episode, with some finding the depiction light-hearted and others calling it brutal. Nonetheless, Lizzo took the satire in stride, showcasing her ability to turn even critical portrayals into a testament to her impact and advocacy for self-acceptance.