Machine Gun Kelly Debuts New ‘Religious’ Tattoo

Machine Gun Kelly Debuts New ‘Religious’ Tattoo

In the world of celebrity makeovers, Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) just took “going big” to a whole new level. Imagine waking up one day and thinking, “You know what? My upper body could really use a new shade of… black.” That’s exactly what MGK did, unveiling a dramatic transformation that’s more blackout curtain than tattoo. Across his upper torso, from the tips of his shoulders down to his waist, MGK is now sporting a layer of solid black ink, punctuated only by glimpses of his previous tattoos peeking through strategic gaps—like windows in a dark room.

This wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment decision for MGK. According to his tattoo artist, ROXX, MGK had a “spiritual consultation” before diving into the ink. It seems his existing tattoos felt a bit too chaotic for his current vibe, and he was seeking some sort of cosmic order—or at least a way to not spend 30 minutes deciding which shirt clashed less with his ink every morning.

The process to achieve this human eclipse was no walk in the park. ROXX shared that MGK endured 13 six-hour sessions over the course of a month, making him the toughest client she’s ever had. And she’s not even done yet! But MGK’s resilience in the face of what we can only imagine felt like being repeatedly snapped by a giant rubber band is commendable. His commitment to change, even if that means turning half your body into a Vantablack canvas, is nothing if not bold.

As for the purpose behind this drastic change, MGK explains it was for “spiritual purposes only,” a phrase vague enough to mean anything from “I lost a bet with the universe” to “I’m rebranding as a human chalkboard for celestial messages.” And in true celebrity fashion, he made sure to lock down his Instagram comments, because if you’re going to make a statement as loud as a blackout tattoo, you might as well not let anyone else talk about it.

So, what can we take away from MGK’s latest adventure in body art? Maybe it’s that when life feels too chaotic, sometimes the best answer is to literally cover it all up and start fresh. Or perhaps it’s just a reminder that celebrities can, indeed, do whatever they want. Either way, MGK’s new look is a bold statement in the world of tattoos and personal transformation, proving once again that when it comes to making changes, some people really don’t do anything by halves.