Madonna Sued by Fans after ‘Showing Up Hours Late for Concert’

Madonna Sued by Fans after ‘Showing Up Hours Late for Concert’

Madonna, the renowned pop icon, is currently in the spotlight with her “Madonna: The Celebration Tour,” marking her 40th anniversary in the music industry. Despite the excitement surrounding the tour, not all fans are content with their experience.

Two attendees of a concert in Brooklyn have filed a lawsuit against Madonna, alleging significant delays at one of her shows. According to the complaint, Madonna did not start her performance at the Barclays Center until 10.45pm on December 13, 2023 – a considerable delay from the scheduled start time of 8.30pm.

As a result of the late start, the show reportedly didn’t end until 1am, causing inconvenience for fans who then faced challenges with “limited public transportation, limited ride-sharing” options, or “increased public and private transportation costs at that late hour.” Lawyers Richard Klass and Marcus Corwin, representing the plaintiffs Michael Fellows and Jonathan Hadden, argue that the delays are tantamount to “false advertising, negligent misrepresentation, and unfair and deceptive trade practices.”

The lawsuit points out that the concert occurred on a Wednesday, causing additional difficulty for attendees who had to work or handle family responsibilities the following day. It further claims Madonna has a history of not starting her concerts on time, as reported by CBS.

Fellows and Hadden allege they suffered “actual harm” due to the delay, including “annoyance, harassment, time, frustration and anger.” Madonna is named in the lawsuit under her real name, Madonna Louise Ciccone, along with Live Nation and the Barclays Center as defendants.

In June 2023, Madonna was hospitalized with a serious bacterial infection, leading to an intensive care stay. Her talent manager, Guy Oseary, stated, “On Saturday June 24, Madonna developed a serious bacterial infection which led to a several day stay in the ICU.” He added that her health was improving but that she remained under medical care, necessitating a pause in all commitments, including the tour.

A person close to Madonna’s family expressed grave concerns to The Daily Mail during her illness. Fortunately, Madonna made a full recovery and was able to start her tour as planned last year.