Major Update After Chiefs Fans Found Frozen to Death in Backyard

Major Update After Chiefs Fans Found Frozen to Death in Backyard

The fifth individual present at Jordan Willis’ residence on the evening before three Kansas City Chiefs fans were found deceased has engaged a defense lawyer, who has contested certain details of Willis’ narrative.

On January 9, the remains of David Harrington, 37, Ricky Johnson, 38, and Clayton McGeeney, 36, were discovered in the backyard of Willis’ Kansas City, Missouri home, where they had been since January 7. That evening, the trio, along with an unnamed fifth friend, had gathered at Willis’ to watch a Chiefs game against the Los Angeles Chargers.

This fifth friend, whose identity was not disclosed by FOX 4 Kansas City, asserted that when he departed the residence at midnight, all individuals were alive. He emphasized to the outlet that it’s “absolutely not true” that he was the “last person to see the three men alive.”

He has since retained the services of prominent criminal defense attorney Andrew Talge. Talge clarified that his client joined the gathering at Willis’ at 7 pm and left at midnight while the others were watching Jeopardy.

Talge also mentioned that his client reached out to Jordan Willis the following day, after receiving inquiries from Clayton McGeeney’s fiancée and Ricky Johnson’s mother about their whereabouts.

This account conflicts with statements from Willis’ lawyer, Picerno, who maintained that Willis only received communications via Facebook Messenger, not through texts or calls.

The Kansas City Police Department has indicated that there’s no sign of criminal conduct or foul play at the scene, treating the situation as a death investigation rather than a homicide. Willis faces no charges.

Victims’ families claim they attempted to contact Willis for two days, visiting his home and messaging him on Facebook without receiving a reply. The breakthrough came when one of the men’s fiancées entered the house through the basement and discovered the first body, prompting a police response that found Willis in a state of undress, holding a wine glass.

Willis’ lawyer asserts his client’s innocence and cooperation with the police, stating, “He has nothing to hide. He went to the police station and spoke with officers without a lawyer present, he allowed them to search his home… these were his friends.”

Picerno criticized online speculation about Willis’ involvement as “unfair” and declined to comment on potential drug use among the men, pending the medical examiner’s toxicology report.

Willis contends he remained in his house for two days, unaware of the significance of his friends’ cars still being parked outside. He believes the men returned to his home after he had gone to bed on January 7 to spend more time in the living room.