Man Bought Apartment On Cruise Ship Because It’s Cheaper Than A Normal Home

Man Bought Apartment On Cruise Ship Because It’s Cheaper Than A Normal Home
Credit: CNBC

In a world where the cost of living seems to soar higher than a seagull in a storm, one man, Austin Wells from San Diego, has set sail on an inventive solution to evade the financial squall of land-based living. By purchasing an apartment on a cruise ship, Wells has charted a course toward a life that blends the allure of constant travel with the practicality of everyday living.

At 28 years old, Wells decided that the traditional path of acquiring a home on terra firma was not for him. Instead, he invested $300,000 in a 12-year lease for a studio apartment aboard the MV Narrative, a cruise ship that’s yet to leave its dock in Croatia but promises an ocean of possibilities. This floating residence isn’t set to embark on its maiden voyage until 2025, yet it’s already making waves in the realm of alternative living solutions.

The MV Narrative is no dinghy; it’s a colossal vessel boasting 500 private abodes. Wells’ 237-square-foot studio is a marvel of maritime real estate, complete with a desk, shower room, pantry, and a bed that folds away – presumably for when he wants to turn his living space into a ballroom (or, more likely, a slightly larger living space).

Living on a cruise ship is like having a VIP pass to a floating city. Residents have access to a private gym, a farmer’s market, medical services, and, crucially, 24-hour room service. With 20 restaurants and bars, a school, a library, a bank, a cinema, and a swimming pool, it’s like living in a small, perpetually moving town where everyone’s address is “somewhere in the ocean.”

What excites Wells the most is the integration of travel into his daily routine without disrupting it. While he plans to adjust his work hours to evenings, nights, and early mornings, this shift will allow him to explore cities during the day. It’s a lifestyle that redefines the concept of work-life balance, tilting the scales heavily towards life.

Financially, the numbers seem to float Wells’ boat. A typical flat in San Diego could drain $2,500 from one’s bank account each month, but Wells’ aquatic abode will cost him around $2,000 monthly. It’s not just a home; it’s a ticket to the world, potentially making the usual homeowner woes seem like small fry.

The MV Narrative is a brainchild of Alister Punton and Shannon Lee of the luxury residential ship brand Storyline, who envisioned a sea-bound haven that offers a more affordable take on aquatic living. When the ship finally sets sail, it will house around 1,000 residents, offering 11 different types of homes on the high seas.

This innovative living solution is not just about escaping the land-locked lifestyle but embracing a global one, where your backyard spans the seven seas and your neighbors are as transient as the tides. For Wells and his future fellow seafarers, home won’t just be where the heart is—it’ll be where the horizon is, too.