Man Interviewed About Dublin Hotel Fire Turns Out To Be Henry Winkler

Man Interviewed About Dublin Hotel Fire Turns Out To Be Henry Winkler
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In a surprising turn of events, Hollywood legend Henry Winkler, best known for his iconic role as “Fonzie” on Happy Days, found himself at the center of a dramatic morning in Dublin. On June 12th, Winkler, who was staying at the prestigious Shelbourne Hotel, was abruptly awakened by a fire alarm, leading to a swift evacuation of the five-star establishment. As emergency services battled the blaze, Winkler, calm and collected, shared his experience with RTE News, leaving viewers stunned to see a familiar face recounting the incident.

Winkler, 78, detailed the chaotic but well-handled evacuation process. Initially mistaking the fire alarm for a malfunctioning clock radio, he soon realized the gravity of the situation. “I thought somebody had set the alarm before we got there, like another guest. Finally, I went into another room and it was still buzzing, so I called downstairs,” he recounted. The hotel’s receptionist calmly instructed him to evacuate, which he did promptly, joining other guests in the safety protocols set by the Dublin Fire Brigade.

Despite the early morning disruption and lack of sleep, Winkler’s spirits remained high. He expressed deep admiration for the firefighters, praising them as some of his favorite people for their bravery and dedication. “Firemen and firewomen run in when other people are running out. I think their hands deserve to be shook,” he said, capturing the gratitude many feel towards emergency responders. Winkler even took to social media to share a photo with the firefighters, thanking Dublin’s fire department for their prompt and effective response.

The incident, which occurred around 10:38 am, saw six fire engines, including a turntable ladder and an emergency tender, deployed to control the blaze. The rapid evacuation of the hotel’s 265 rooms ensured the safety of all guests and staff, with the fire brought under control without major injuries reported.


Winkler’s presence in Dublin and his unexpected interview added a touch of celebrity intrigue to the otherwise tense situation. The actor, in town for a holiday, handled the ordeal with the same grace and humor that has endeared him to fans for decades. He expressed his eagerness to explore more of Dublin, undeterred by the unexpected morning adventure.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time Winkler has found himself being interviewed unexpectedly. Just last year, he was approached by a BBC journalist in Richmond about a new runway at Heathrow Airport, showcasing his knack for being at the right place at the right time.

This latest episode is a reminder of Winkler’s enduring charm and resilience, qualities that have made him a beloved figure both on and off the screen. As he continues his stay in Dublin, no doubt the city will offer more adventures, hopefully less fiery and more leisurely, for the star who seems to find joy and stories wherever he goes.