Man Says He Lost All Friends After Falling For A Furry

Man Says He Lost All Friends After Falling For A Furry

Dimetrius and Jade, a couple with a unique relationship dynamic, have shared how Jade’s identity as a furry has impacted their social lives and how they’ve navigated societal stigma. Dimetrius, who fell in love with Jade despite her involvement in the furry community, revealed that he lost all his friends after introducing her as his partner.

Jade is a self-described furry, which means she enjoys dressing up as an anthropomorphic animal. For Jade, this usually involves elaborate fur suits, specifically portraying a wolf. The furry community is often misunderstood and unfairly stigmatized, leading to harsh judgments and misconceptions. Jade emphasizes that being a furry is not about being attracted to animals, but rather embracing a persona through costume that allows for self-expression and a break from everyday life.

Dimetrius initially struggled with Jade’s lifestyle but soon realized that his attraction was to Jade as a person, not just her furry persona. He clarified, “I’m not attracted to the mask she’s wearing; I’m attracted to the woman inside of the mask.” His acceptance of Jade’s interests has solidified their bond, despite the disapproval and judgment from his former friends. This support extends to their joint endeavors in creating and selling content for the furry community on platforms like OnlyFans, which has become a significant part of their income.


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Jade explained that her journey into the furry world was driven by her love for cosplay and the confidence boost that comes from her furry persona. Wearing her fur suit allows her to adopt a different personality and engage with the world in a way that she might not without it. She expressed how these characters help her put herself out there more, especially when dealing with the negative comments they receive online.

Despite the initial skepticism from Dimetrius and the criticism they both face, he has become Jade’s biggest supporter. He defends their happiness and relationship against those who judge them. “I’d say to anybody judging us, look at yourself first, because you see two people that are happy,” Dimetrius stated, challenging the negativity they encounter.

For Jade, the most important aspect of their relationship is the unwavering support she receives from Dimetrius. “The most important thing is when the support comes in from [Dimetrius] and he helps me, he’s there for me, he supports me through everything,” she shared. This mutual support has enabled them to face societal stigma together and maintain a fulfilling relationship.

The story of Dimetrius and Jade highlights the challenges and judgments faced by those who do not conform to mainstream societal norms. Their journey underscores the importance of acceptance, understanding, and the strength that comes from supportive relationships. Despite losing friends, Dimetrius has found a deep connection with Jade, proving that true happiness lies in embracing and supporting each other’s passions and identities.