Margot Robbie Announces She’s Taking Break From Acting

Margot Robbie Announces She’s Taking Break From Acting

Margot Robbie has recently announced that she will be taking a hiatus from her acting career, following her immensely successful lead role in the 2023 blockbuster, “Barbie.”

The film, which has grossed an impressive $1.45 billion globally as of January 10, 2024, marked a record-breaking debut for a female-directed movie.

In an interview for Deadline’s Awards Line issue, Robbie expressed her desire to step back from the limelight. She humorously noted that the public might be weary of her after her “Barbie” role, saying, “I also think everyone’s probably sick of the sight of me for now. I should probably disappear from screens for a while.” She added, “‘Honestly, if I did another movie too soon, people would say, ‘Her again? We just did a whole summer with her. We’re over it’.”

Robbie also shared her aspirations beyond acting, revealing her interest in film production and directing. “I really do want to direct. I’ve felt like I wanted to direct for about the last seven years. But I’ve always seen it as a privilege, not a right,” she stated. This break from acting doesn’t mean Robbie will be absent from the film industry entirely, as she has been actively involved in production work.

The actress’s decision to take a break also means a temporary halt to the internet’s fascination with her feet, a topic that gained attention following her role in Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” in 2019. Robbie recounted her surprise upon discovering this online interest during an interview with CinemaBlend. “The very first time I Googled myself, you know how when you type something into Google and it predicts what the rest of it is going to be? I’d started working and I was on some things and I hadn’t Googled myself before, and so I wrote in ‘Margot Robbie’ and before I finished writing ‘Robbie’, ‘Margot Robbie feet’ came up.” She continued, explaining her astonishment.

She went on “I clicked on it and realized that there were pictures zoomed in on my feet and people were writing about them and someone had made a video compilation of footage of my feet and I was like, ‘oh wow, this is like a thing. I didn’t realise.'”