McDonald’s Changes to ‘WcDonalds’, Turns Golden Arches Upside Down

McDonald’s Changes to ‘WcDonalds’, Turns Golden Arches Upside Down

In an unexpected twist that blurs the lines between reality and anime, McDonald’s is turning the fast-food world upside down—quite literally—by flipping its iconic golden ‘M’ to become ‘WcDonald’s’. This temporary transformation is not just a playful nod to a parallel universe but a full-blown manga-inspired makeover that has anime enthusiasts around the globe buzzing with excitement.

For those uninitiated in the anime realm, ‘WcDonald’s’ has long been a fictional fast-food chain peppered throughout various anime series and films, dating back to the 1980s with its debut in “Cat’s Eye”. It has since made cameo appearances in titles such as “Sally the Witch”, “Cowboy Bebop: The Movie”, and “InuYasha”, among others. This homage to anime culture by McDonald’s brings the fictional to the real world, serving up a side of pop culture with its fries.

From February 26 through March 18, in over 30 global markets, McDonald’s will don the ‘WcDonald’s’ moniker, complete with anime-inspired packaging designed by Acky Bright. The makeover doesn’t stop at aesthetics; a savory Chili WcDonald’s Sauce is also making its debut, promising to add a dash of manga magic to the menu.

McDonald’s is no stranger to innovative marketing, but this collaboration marks a significant nod to anime’s pervasive influence on modern culture. Tariq Hassan, McDonald’s USA Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer, highlighted the importance of anime in today’s cultural landscape, stating that the WcDonald’s universe reflects the creativity and vision of its fans, authentically brought to life in McDonald’s restaurants for the first time.

In addition to the physical transformation of select stores, McDonald’s has teamed up with animation house Studio Pierrot to produce four official WcDonald’s anime shorts. The first installment, “The Race to WcDonald’s”, is already available, with the rest scheduled for release throughout the campaign period. These shorts can be accessed through or via a special code on the WcDonald’s packaging.

For those craving an immersive experience, McDonald’s is setting up a WcDonald’s Immersive Dining Experience in Los Angeles on March 9 and 10. Described as a “multi-sensory dining experience”, guests will be transported into the WcDonald’s universe through innovative 360 projection mapping and tabletop projections inspired by the anime shorts, all while enjoying a menu of WcDonald’s items. Reservations for this unique dining adventure open on February 28 via OpenTable.

This bold move by McDonald’s serves up a reminder that in the world of fast food, creativity and innovation are just as important as the menu. Whether you’re an anime fan or just in it for the novelty, the temporary reign of WcDonald’s is a testament to the power of pop culture in shaping brand experiences. So, grab your manga, order a side of that special Chili Sauce, and enjoy the ride through this anime-inspired fast-food fantasy.