McDonald’s Employee Arrested For Firing 2 Shots At Unhappy Customers

McDonald’s Employee Arrested For Firing 2 Shots At Unhappy Customers
FOX 13 Tampa Bay

In a shocking incident at a McDonald’s drive-thru in Lakeland, Florida, a 22-year-old employee named Chassidy Gardner was arrested after firing shots at customers following a dispute over their order. The altercation began around 1:00 a.m. on June 14, when customers argued with Gardner at the drive-thru window, claiming their order was incorrect.


According to the Lakeland Police Department, the situation escalated quickly. After a heated exchange, Gardner threw a drink at the customers as they attempted to leave. In response, two customers exited their vehicle and threw drinks back at Gardner through the drive-thru window. The confrontation then took a dangerous turn when Gardner armed herself with a handgun and continued the argument outside. As the customers drove away, Gardner fired her weapon, hitting their car at least once.

Gardner was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. She was held in Polk County Jail until she was bailed out for $15,000 on June 15. The franchise owner of the Lakeland McDonald’s, Lanny Sumpter, expressed shock and dismay at the incident, stating that Gardner had been terminated for violating company policies. Sumpter emphasized that violence of any kind is not tolerated in his organization and pledged to cooperate fully with the ongoing police investigation.

The police report includes Gardner’s version of events, where she claimed the customers initiated the altercation by throwing a slushie at her. She also stated that she fired “warning shots” to scare them off. However, police noted inconsistencies in her account, particularly regarding why she left her post to confront the customers outside.

This incident highlights the volatility that can arise in high-pressure service environments and the critical importance of de-escalation techniques to prevent conflicts from turning violent. The response from both the public and the authorities underscores the severity of using firearms in such disputes and the need for strict adherence to safety protocols in customer service settings.