Megan Fox Tells Women Not to ‘Waste’ Energy on Men After Leaving MGK

Megan Fox Tells Women Not to ‘Waste’ Energy on Men After Leaving MGK
Credit: ABC News

Megan Fox, always one to make headlines, has recently navigated the choppy waters of a very public breakup with Machine Gun Kelly, the musician famously known for his edgy persona, just as much as for his music. The couple, whose engagement was once sealed with a sip of each other’s blood—yes, you read that correctly—has officially called it quits. The news broke amid a flurry of social media speculation and was confirmed by Fox in a candid manner that’s become her signature style.

Their relationship, which blossomed in 2020 on the set of “Midnight in the Switchgrass,” quickly escalated from cozy cast-mates to full-blown tabloid titillation. They engaged in 2022 with a ceremony as unconventional as their public personas, involving that aforementioned blood-drinking ritual, which certainly marked a new level of commitment in the celebrity couple handbook.

However, the whirlwind romance has come to an abrupt halt. Fox, while confirming the end of their engagement, maintained a cryptic air about the specifics of their current relationship status during an appearance on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast. Her reflections on the relationship suggest a mix of deep connection and the challenges of living in the public eye.

Now, post-breakup, Fox is dispensing advice that’s as fiery as her film roles. Speaking at the Revolve Festival, she cautioned women against wasting energy on men, advocating instead for personal development and self-care. It’s a classic Fox move—turning personal pain into public empowerment.

Credit: YouTube/ABC News

Despite the breakup, Fox gave a nod to MGK when asked about her ideal Coachella headliners, hinting at the complex layers of their ongoing connection. It’s clear that, engagement or not, the saga of Megan Fox and MGK is far from over, with each appearance and interview adding depth to their shared narrative.

In a culture that often seeks clear-cut endings and tidy love stories, Fox and MGK’s roller-coaster romance defies the norm, offering instead a saga filled with passion, public spectacle, and personal growth. Whether they’re together or apart, it seems they’ll continue to captivate and challenge both their fans and the norms of celebrity relationships.