Michelle Yeoh Speaks On Awkward Interaction with Emma Stone, Viewers Say She Refused to Hand Over Oscar

Michelle Yeoh Speaks On Awkward Interaction with Emma Stone, Viewers Say She Refused to Hand Over Oscar

At the recent Oscars, an interaction between Emma Stone and Michelle Yeoh momentarily stole the spotlight, causing quite the stir among viewers. Stone, who snagged the Best Actress award for her role in “Poor Things,” encountered a slight hiccup during the trophy handover with Yeoh, the previous year’s Best Actress winner for “Everything Everywhere All At Once.”

As Stone ascended the stage to claim her accolade, she was greeted by a cohort of former Best Actress winners, including Yeoh. However, what was meant to be a smooth passing of the torch turned into an awkward tango of ‘to hold or not to hold’ the Oscar statuette. Yeoh, in an attempt to make the moment more memorable, hesitated to hand over the award, intending to involve Jennifer Lawrence, Stone’s close friend and a fellow Oscar laureate, in the exchange. This brief hesitation led to a moment of confusion, immortalized by the cameras and fervently discussed on social media.

Taking to Instagram, Yeoh clarified her intentions, expressing her desire to have Lawrence join in the award handover to Stone, likening it to sharing the glory with a “best friend.” She compared her and Lawrence’s supportive camaraderie to her own bond with Jamie Lee Curtis, emphasizing the solidarity among these accomplished actresses.

While Stone managed to inject some humor into the situation, jesting about her dress malfunction, the incident sparked a broader conversation about the spontaneity and unpredictability of live televised events. Meanwhile, Al Pacino, in a separate Oscars incident, bypassed the usual nominee acknowledgments while announcing the Best Picture winner, a move he later attributed to the producers’ concerns about the ceremony’s runtime.

These moments, though fleeting, added an extra layer of human interest to the Oscars, reminding viewers that even Hollywood’s finest aren’t immune to the occasional live mishap. And as for Yeoh and Stone, their graceful navigation of the situation, punctuated with a shared hug, showcased the camaraderie and respect that underpins the glitz and glamour of the Oscars.