Mom Of Chiefs Fan Found Dead Drops Huge Bombshell

Mom Of Chiefs Fan Found Dead Drops Huge Bombshell

The mother of Ricky Johnson, one of the three Kansas City Chiefs fans found deceased in a friend’s backyard, has spoken out about the tragic incident.

On January 9, Ricky Johnson, David Harrington, and Clayton McGeeney were found dead outside a house rented by Jordan Willis in Kansas City, Missouri. The men, aged 38, 37, and 36, had attended the Chiefs’ game against the Los Angeles Chargers on January 7 and later went to Willis’ house to celebrate. Two of the men were discovered in the backyard, and the third on the back porch of Willis’ residence.

Johnson’s mother, reflecting on her son’s passing, shared her experience of realizing something was amiss. John Picerno, Willis’ lawyer, stated to The Independent, “Jordan had absolutely nothing to do with their deaths. He does not know the timing or manner of their deaths, nor does he know how or when they exited his house. He had no knowledge that they remained in his back yard, or that they needed medical attention.”

However, the families of the deceased have expressed skepticism, with Jennifer Marquez, Harrington’s mother, stating, ‘nobody believes this story’.

Kansas City authorities are investigating the deaths, clarifying that the case is ‘100 percent NOT being investigated as a homicide’. The official cause of death has not been announced, but Picerno suspects hypothermia played a role.

Norma Chester, Johnson’s mother, was celebrating her 66th birthday when she learned of her son’s death. She told PEOPLE that she sensed something was wrong when Johnson’s father texted her about not hearing from him. Her suspicions grew when Johnson was the only one who didn’t wish her a happy birthday. After inquiring with family and friends, she discovered that one of Johnson’s children’s mothers also hadn’t heard from him.

A ‘day or so’ later, it was confirmed that Johnson was among the deceased. Chester is now caring for Johnson’s four-year-old daughter, who often expresses missing her father. Chester recounted, “She’s always saying, ‘Grandma, I miss my dad. Then she’ll see something on TV [and say], ‘There’s my dad.’ And that’s so heartbreaking.”

Chester firmly stated, “He [Johnson] didn’t deserve this.”