Mom Thought ‘Stranger Things’ Star Was Her Boyfriend, Devastated To Learn She Was Scammed After She Divorced Her Husband

Mom Thought ‘Stranger Things’ Star Was Her Boyfriend, Devastated To Learn She Was Scammed After She Divorced Her Husband
Credit: Shutterstock/YouTube Catfished

In a plot twist that feels straight out of a daytime drama, McKala, a single mother and amateur filmmaker from Kentucky, found herself ensnared in a classic tale of heartbreak and deception involving a “Stranger Things” star—well, sort of. For over a year, she believed she was in a blossoming online relationship with Dacre Montgomery, the heartthrob known for his role as Billy Hargrove in the hit Netflix series. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t him.

McKala’s journey into the depths of digital romance began in an online artists’ forum, where she connected with someone masquerading as Montgomery. Their virtual rapport escalated quickly, fueled by chats that veered from professional to personal. But as things got serious, the faux Montgomery spun tales of a controlling girlfriend, ramping up the drama and pulling on McKala’s heartstrings.

Eager to be the hero of her story, McKala took drastic measures. She divorced her husband, buoyed by the belief that her online love affair was the real deal, even sending her digital beau around $10,000 to help him escape his “oppressive” relationship. Talk about commitment—or a script for a tragedy, depending on your perspective.

The climax of this saga came when McKala appeared on the YouTube series “Catfished.” It was here, under the harsh lights of reality TV, that she discovered the crushing truth: her Prince Charming was actually more of a pauper in prince’s clothing. There was no Dacre Montgomery on the other end of those messages, just a scammer with a convincing profile and a knack for tall tales.

Reflecting on her ordeal, McKala shared insights that were part relationship autopsy, part cautionary tale. Love, she noted, can drive people to do “crazy, stupid, irrational things.” Her story is a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities that can be exploited in the digital age, where scammers prey on the lonely and the hopeful.

As McKala picks up the pieces of her shattered romantic ideals, her experience serves as a bittersweet lesson for us all. In the world of online dating and digital connections, it’s not just about finding love—it’s also about guarding your heart and your wallet. Here’s hoping McKala’s next chapter is filled with better judgment and perhaps a more reliable co-star.