Mother Wrote a Children’s Book About Grief After Her Husband Died… Then She Was Charged With His Murder

Mother Wrote a Children’s Book About Grief After Her Husband Died… Then She Was Charged With His Murder
Credit: Facebook/Kouri Richins

In a twist that sounds like it’s straight out of a crime thriller, Kouri Richins, a 33-year-old mother of three, found herself in the glaring spotlight of the law, charged with the murder of her husband, Eric Richins, in their home in Kamas, Utah. The irony? Kouri had penned a children’s book on grief following Eric’s untimely demise, a narrative that’s now overshadowed by the grim shadow of her alleged crime.

The story unravels in March 2022, when Eric, aged 39, was found dead under mysterious circumstances. Kouri’s initial 911 call painted a picture of sudden loss, with her mentioning Eric feeling “cold to the touch.” However, the plot thickens with her subsequent admission of mixing an alcoholic beverage for Eric, only to find him unresponsive later.

The case took a darker turn when an autopsy revealed a lethal dose of fentanyl in Eric’s system, five times the amount considered fatal. Kouri’s actions, combined with an account from an unnamed acquaintance allegedly involved in the drug transaction, led to her arrest. Not just for murder, but also for possessing GHB, a drug with its own notorious reputation.

Adding layers to this tragic saga is Kouri’s appearance on a local TV segment, promoting her book “Are You With Me?” aimed at helping children navigate grief. Little did viewers know that the author herself would soon be at the center of a legal storm, questioning the sincerity of her grief narrative.

The Richins family, well-known in Summit County, was thrown into a maelitz of suspicion and sorrow. Eric had allegedly confided in his family that if anything untoward happened to him, Kouri should be considered responsible. Moreover, there were claims of Kouri attempting to alter Eric’s life insurance policy to her benefit, a move thwarted just in time to name Eric’s sister as the beneficiary.

In a chilling precursor to his death, Eric reportedly suffered a severe allergic reaction after a meal with Kouri, fueling speculation about her intentions. Despite plans to divorce Kouri, Eric’s life met a premature end, leaving more questions than answers.

This case, blending elements of domestic life and sinister motives, leaves us pondering the fine line between public persona and private realities. As Kouri Richins faces the music, the community and her children grapple with a narrative far removed from the children’s book she authored, underscoring the unpredictable and often unfathomable nature of human actions and intentions.