Netflix Fans Say They’ll ‘Delete The App Forever’ If They Cancel This New Series

Netflix Fans Say They’ll ‘Delete The App Forever’ If They Cancel This New Series

Netflix’s new series Supacell, created by British musician-turned-filmmaker Andrew Onwubolu, also known as Rapman, has captivated viewers to the extent that fans are threatening to cancel their subscriptions if it doesn’t get renewed for a second season. Set in South London, the show follows a group of people who suddenly discover they have superpowers. The unique premise and all-Black cast have resonated deeply with audiences, prompting calls for more episodes.

Rapman, who grew up in South London, wanted to create a superhero series that reflected his reality. He shared his vision of making a sci-fi show featuring characters from his community. His goal was to create something with gore, blood, and shock factors while staying true to the authenticity of his experiences. Rapman hopes that Supacell‘s success will pave the way for more diverse and ethnic stories in British television, potentially influencing other major platforms like Apple and Amazon to explore similar projects.

The series has garnered high praise, with fans describing it as a “10/10” and eagerly anticipating a second season. One viewer commented on LADbible’s Netflix Bangers Facebook page, “I literally just watched the whole series waiting on the second.. it was a 10/10.” Another added, “Definitely need them to drop part 2 asap. if Netflix cancels this I’m deleting the app forever…”

With its strong fanbase and significant impact, Supacell is poised to become a landmark series in British television. Its success highlights the demand for diverse storytelling and representation in the media. As viewers continue to express their enthusiasm and support, the pressure is on Netflix to greenlight a second season and continue this groundbreaking narrative.