Netflix Viewers Demand ‘Man With 1,000 Kids’ Be Locked Up

Netflix Viewers Demand ‘Man With 1,000 Kids’ Be Locked Up

Jonathan Jacob Meijer, the subject of a controversial new Netflix documentary, has stirred strong reactions from viewers, many of whom believe he should be imprisoned. Meijer, known for donating sperm to hundreds of families worldwide, has fathered a significant number of children, sparking outrage and concern about potential incestuous relationships among his offspring.

The documentary, which features interviews with families who used Meijer’s donations, reveals that many were unaware of the sheer number of children he had fathered. Meijer had registered with multiple sperm banks and offered his services privately, leading to a staggering number of offspring. The revelation left many viewers appalled, with some calling for legal action against him.


Meijer, however, defends his actions. In an exclusive interview with UNILAD, he argued that his openness about his identity should mitigate concerns about accidental incest. He emphasized that he has never donated anonymously, believing that transparency is crucial in such matters. Despite the criticism, Meijer maintains that society is unfairly projecting negativity onto sperm donors and donor-conceived children.

In 2017, a Dutch court banned Meijer from donating sperm after some families took legal action. The court ruled that any future donations would result in hefty fines. Meijer continues to argue that his contributions should be celebrated rather than condemned, and he remains steadfast in his belief that being an open-identity donor is beneficial for his children.

The Netflix documentary has undoubtedly sparked a heated debate about the ethics of sperm donation and the responsibilities of donors. While Meijer’s actions have left many horrified, he insists that his intentions were positive and that his transparency about his identity will ultimately benefit his children.