Netflix Viewers Say New True-Crime Series Based on ‘Real-Life Gone Girl’ is a Must Watch

Netflix Viewers Say New True-Crime Series Based on ‘Real-Life Gone Girl’ is a Must Watch

Netflix has recently released a gripping true-crime series, centered on the real-life case that has been likened to the narrative of “Gone Girl.” The documentary series, which debuted on the platform on January 17, has captivated viewers, with many reportedly binging all three episodes in one session.

The series unfolds the harrowing ordeal of Denise Huskins, who was abducted from her boyfriend Aaron Quinn’s home in Vallejo, California, in 2015. The couple, both physical therapists, experienced a nightmarish turn of events when intruders broke into the house, subdued them, and subsequently kidnapped Denise after drugging and blindfolding both of them. Despite Aaron reporting the kidnapping, the police initially suspected him.

Even after Denise was released two days later, having suffered drugging and r**e at the hands of her captor, the police continued to express doubts about the couple’s account. The case drew parallels to the “Gone Girl” narrative, where a woman fakes her kidnapping, leading to public skepticism about Denise’s story. The series explores themes of disbelief towards women’s accounts and the consequences when law enforcement dismisses the truth.

The real breakthrough in the case came three months later when evidence from Denise’s kidnapping was discovered in the possession of Matthew Muller during an investigation of a similar crime. Muller was eventually sentenced to 40 years in prison. Meanwhile, Denise and Aaron sued the City of Vallejo for defamation and secured a $2.5 million settlement.

Social media reactions, notably on platforms like the former Twitter, reveal the shock and disbelief of viewers. Comments range from criticism of the police investigation’s approach to expressions of empathy and support for Denise and other women facing similar injustices. The series, titled “American Nightmare,” is now available for streaming on Netflix, and it continues to stir strong reactions for its portrayal of a disturbing and complex true-crime story.