Paris Hilton Corrects Child’s Car Seat After Being Roasted Online

Paris Hilton Corrects Child’s Car Seat After Being Roasted Online
Credit: TikTok/@parishilton

Paris Hilton recently found herself at the center of social media critique regarding the safety of her children’s car seats. This came after a video surfaced showing her children’s car seats facing the wrong way, which raised concerns about their safety. Paris, new to motherhood, acknowledged her mistake and promptly addressed the issue.

After the initial backlash, Paris deleted the concerning video and returned to social media with a new clip on TikTok. In this follow-up post, she demonstrated the corrected car seat setup for her son Phoenix and daughter London, expressing gratitude for the guidance she received from her followers. She warmly thanked her supporters for the “mom advice,” emphasizing her appreciation with a message that highlighted her eagerness to learn and adapt in her new role as a mother.

The response to Paris’s admission and quick action to rectify the mistake was largely positive, with many fans praising her for openly acknowledging the slip-up and correcting it. Paris engaged with her followers, noting in the comments that she loves the support and understanding from her community, stating, “No one is perfect ? love you ?.”

Despite the overall positive reception, some continued to scrutinize her efforts, pointing out other minor issues, such as the placement of the chest straps on London’s car seat. Paris chose not to engage with these more critical comments.

Paris welcomed her son Phoenix via surrogate in January 2023 and became a mother of two with the arrival of her daughter London in November of the same year. She recently celebrated her first Mother’s Day as a mom of two with a family-filled brunch, further highlighting her dedication to her new family role.

This incident underscores the pressures and challenges of public parenting, especially for celebrities whose parenting practices come under intense scrutiny. Paris Hilton’s situation illustrates the learning curve involved in motherhood and the importance of community support and constructive feedback in navigating this challenging, yet rewarding journey.