Pat McAfee Says Aaron Rodgers is No Longer Appearing On His Show

Pat McAfee Says Aaron Rodgers is No Longer Appearing On His Show

Pat McAfee has announced that Aaron Rodgers will no longer be a guest on his ESPN show. This decision follows Rodgers’ controversial remarks about comedian Jimmy Kimmel and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

On his show, McAfee declared, “So, Aaron Rodgers Tuesday season four is done,” acknowledging that the conclusion of this segment might please many, including himself, due to the contentious nature of recent events. He emphasized the importance of free speech and its consequences, stating, “We live in a country that has freedom of speech, but you’re going to have to deal with consequences of your freedom of speech.”

Rodgers, a four-time NFL MVP, had a brief season with the New York Jets, hindered by an Achilles injury early in the season. McAfee recognized Rodgers’ contributions to the show, admitting that his opinions often sparked controversy.

The issue escalated after Rodgers implied a connection between Kimmel and Epstein, leading Kimmel to vehemently deny any association and demand an apology. Rodgers, however, did not apologize, merely expressing relief that Kimmel was not implicated in the Epstein scandal.

The “Pat McAfee Show” and “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” both operate under Disney, with the former on ESPN and the latter on ABC. The dispute between Kimmel and Rodgers dates back to 2021, involving disagreements over COVID-19 vaccination and discussions about Epstein’s client list.

Recently, documents from a settled civil lawsuit against Ghislaine Maxwell, who was convicted of conspiring with Epstein in sexual abuse crimes, were released. These documents, largely containing previously reported information, do not accuse many named individuals of any misconduct.